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The purpose of Bee-RAC

Since the company's founding, the Yamada Bee Campany, Inc. has sought to "protect individual health" through research linking nature, people, and well-being from the perspective of preventive medicine. The Yamada Research Grant, established in 2008, supports creative and practical topics pursued by broad-minded researchers, with the purpose of expanding preventive medicine through scientific elucidation.
This system, Bee-RAC, is developed in order to make it easy to apply for grant, submit documents and apply for samples. From now on, we opereate Yamada Bee Grant on this system, so please register.

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Treatment of personal information

(1) Limitations on usage of personal information
Usage of personal information acquired by the Yamada Bee Company will be limited to grant application, review, outcome notification, and funding. In some cases, personal information is shared as necessary with companies offering administrative assistance. Inquiries concerning protection of personal information should be addressed to the contact listed below.
(2) Limitations on disclosure of personal information
Public disclosure will be made of grant recipients’ names, affiliated institutions, and research topics.
(3) Disclosure, correction, and withdrawal of personal information
The Yamada Bee Company will respond in a timely and appropriate manner to requests for disclosure, correction, or withdrawal of personal information after confirming such a request with the grant applicant.

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