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Frequently Asked Questions

About the System

What is “Bee-RAC”? Bee-RAC (Researchers, Application, and Communication) is the application and inquiry system for the Yamada Research Grant. Using this system you can apply for research grants, submit documents, request samples and submit inquiries.
Is it necessary to register? Please be sure to register. You can then submit your application, manage documents and samples. Once you register, you will not need to reenter your information for your next application.
Can I use the secretariat's email address ? Try to send inquiries using the Bee-RAC system.
If you have any questions or concerns related to Bee-RAC, you may use the secretariat's email address .
Recommended OS and browsers (OS)
Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Mac OS X 10.4 or later

Internet Explorer 9.x, 10.x, 11.x (we do not recommend browsing in compatibility view)
Firefox - latest edition
Safari - latest edition
Google Chrome - latest edition
Microsoft Edge - latest edition

Bee-RAC may not work properly using other OS or browsers.


Regarding use of personal information Please refer to " Use of Personal Information. "
Can I register more than one account using the same email address? You can register only 1 account per email address.
How should I fill in my institutional information and job title if I belong to more than one institution? Please enter the information as "XXX/XXX/XXX".
Can I university secretariats or other representatives register? Can the representative use the ID of the researcher? Please register using the representative's name and information. When you send an inquiry or request samples, you can use the representative's ID. When doing so please enter the representative's name (in the remarks section of sample requests, etc.). Please be careful with your ID and password.
What does it mean to "add an email address/address of notification"? If you add an email address, your co-researchers, secretary, etc. will also receive notifications.
Is it possible to view other researchers' information? You cannot view other researchers' information because the personal information used on the system may only be used for purposes related to research grants.
Is it necessary to register information ? Please input all information. Your information is required to review your application and send samples. If you don't want to provide a photo, you may register without selecting one.
Is it necessary to register a CV? Please register a CV as it will be used during the application topic evaluation.
Can I use a snapshot for my profile photograph? We use your photograph for the Grant Provision Ceremony, etc. Please upload a photo of yourself above the chest facing forward (snapshots and pictures taking using a photo booth cannot be used). If you don't want to provide a photo, you may register without selecting one.
What is an issue number? We give issue numbers to accepted applicants.
I want to change my password. You can change the password in "Profile: Profile".
Please click "edit" and enter a new password.
Is it necessary to register for each application? You can apply using the same information as with your previous application. Please make sure to update your address, job title, etc. when necessary.
I want to remove my information. Please send us a message on Bee-RAC, and we will remove your information.


Is there a limit to the capacity and format of attachments? There is no limit, but large files may not be processed depending on your network environment. If you could not upload your files, please try compressing them.


I can't find the file I downloaded anywhere. It will be saved in the download folder on your computer.
I submitted my documents, but they do not appear as "complete". Please wait for the secretariat to check over the documents. They will then appear as complete.
I can't submit my documents. You can only upload using Word, Excel, and PDF. If you are using one of the above formats and still cannot submit your file, please contact us.
I want to resubmit my documents. Please resubmit using the "submit again" button. If you want to change the documents in a completed application, please contact us, and we will restore your application to incomplete.

When It's Necessary to Contact Us

Do I need to contact you when updating info, changing sample requests, or submitting documents? No. You don't need to contact us.

Using Samples

Can I have a sample sent to an address other than the one I registered? You can specify the address in "sample requests". Please enter the address in the "ship to address". We will send you a message after we send the sample, so please make the receiver known.
I want a sample not listed on the site. Please contact us if you have such a request. If it is possible for us to send you the sample, please select "other" when choosing your sample on the sample request. Please also write specifically the type of sample in the remarks section.
Can a receive a sample within a week? It takes time to prepare samples, so please send you request as soon as possible. If you would like to receive the samples early, please contact us.
May I use the sample for an experiment unrelated to my grant research topic? To do so please reapply for a research grant or complete a transfer of materials agreement. For more information, please contact us.
What is the desired date of delivery and date of shipment? Desired date of delivery: The date by which you need the sample.
Desired date of shipment: The day that you want to receive the sample by the desired date of delivery. You can chose the date and time of when the sample arrives.
It may take more than a week to deliver depending on the type of sample.
Please send your sample request as soon as possible.
I haven't decided on my desired date of delivery and shipment. Can I leave it blank? You can apply leaving the fields blank. Please enter the date that your research begins in the remarks section. Please update your request if you decide on a desired date of delivery and shipment.
Please tell me know about the form of test meals. Please refer to "Sponsored Research Materials" under "Profile: Sample Requests".
If you would like to specify the quantity or packing (sachets, bottles, etc.), please contact us before sending your sample request.


How do I apply for research grants? Please visit our website . We notify researchers registered on Bee-RAC when we update open research grant information.
Can I see past application information? You can view it, but it takes time for us to upload the information. Please let us know if you need to access the information immediately.
Where can I find my application decision? After you receive a notification from us, please open the "Application" page and click "details" next to your research topic on Bee-RAC.